Former Breakthrough Teacher Nick Feronti Elected “Teacher of the Year”


nickHouston, Texas, July 1, 2013- After completing his first year of teaching through the Teach for America program, former Breakthrough Houston (BTH) teacher Nick Feronti was elected “Teacher of the Year” at Black Middle School.

Nick first became interested in teaching when, as a student at Hamilton Middle School, he realized the inequities of the US education system. “Knowing that the educational trajectories of my peers were in part determined by their race and socioeconomic status drove me into the classroom,” Nick said.

Nick joined Breakthrough Houston after his first year in college at The University of Texas at Austin. At BTH, he served as a math teacher in 2010 and returned for a second summer in 2011 to teach social studies. Breakthrough gave Nick a strong foundation in effective teaching and inspired him to apply for TFA during his senior year of college.

“Breakthrough gave me the confidence I needed to jump into a challenging classroom environment and never once doubt that success is possible for 100% of my students,” said Nick. “The positive spirit and optimism at Breakthrough is in large part what motivated me to apply for TFA.”

After being accepted to TFA, Nick was placed at Black Middle School, where he currently teaches both 8th grade English and Language Arts and also serves as the chair of the English department. He said that his favorite part of teaching is building strong relationships with all of his students. “By the end of a year of teaching, my students felt more like family to me than I ever thought they could,” he said. “I would not trade those relationships for anything.”

Nick says he will always be committed to education. “Whether it is in the classroom or not, everything I do from this day forward will be in the spirit of benefiting my kids,” Nick said.