What is Breakthrough Houston?

Breakthrough Houston is a member of the national Breakthrough Collaborative. It is a tuition-free program for academically gifted students from underserved families in the Houston community.  We make a six-year commitment to our students, starting the summer before 7th grade and lasting until high school graduation.  Our middle school students participate in an academically rigorous six-week Summer Program and a School Year program made up of eleven Saturday enrichment sessions.  Once in high school, we offer a four year college preparatory program made up of ACT prep, college visits, and resume building opportunities..

What is the purpose of Breakthrough Houston?

Breakthrough aims to prepare students who possess high academic potential but limited resources for competitive high school programs and college admission. In addition, we encourage talented high school and college students to consider careers in education.  At Breakthrough Houston, we envision a day when all children will have equal access to quality education and teachers committed to their academic success.

What does a typical day look like during the Breakthrough Summer Program?

Breakthrough students start their day at 8:00 AM with breakfast,  Then, they attend four academic classes, each 55 minutes long.  After a 25 minute lunch break, the students go to their last academic class of the day, have some down time with their Breakthrough Family (based on grade level), and then go to an activity or elective of their choice.  At 4:00 PM, we load up the buses, and everyone goes home to get ready for the next day!

Who are the Breakthrough teachers?

Our Summer Program teachers are exceptional college students who are interested in pursing careers in education after graduation.  This program gives them an opportunity to see what being in a classroom is really like and encourages them to pursue a teaching career. Our school year teachers are mostly high school students from St. John’s School and Episcopal High School.

How much does Breakthrough Houston cost?

Breakthrough Houston is a tuition-free program!

Is there homework?

Yes, there is 2 hours of homework every night during the summer.  Also, students have an opportunity during their advisory to work on homework assignments and ask teachers for help. The School Year program and College Bound program do not assign homework.

Are meals provided?

During the Summer Program, we provide breakfast and lunch for all students. During the School Year program, we offer a healthy snack at the end of each session, but not a full meal.

Is transportation provided?

During the Summer Program, HISD generously provides bus transportation.  You just need to let us know that you need transportation.  We work with families to organize carpools for students who have a hard time getting to the School Year Program, but no formal transportation is offered during the school year.

How does my student apply?

Applications are available online. Motivated 6th graders are eligible to apply.  To be a good candidate, your student should have good behavior, above-average grades, and a strong desire to attend college-preparatory high schools and college.

What subjects will be taught in Breakthrough Houston?

The core curriculum includes math, science, literature, and writing. Students also select from electives like newsletter, foreign language, and government, as well as activities like soccer, dance, and drums.

Is there a uniform or dress code?

No, there is no uniform, but students should dress appropriately for a school setting.