Key Partnerships & Collaborations:

Both St. John’s School and Episcopal High School are official host schools of Breakthrough Houston.

St. John’s School

St. John’s School has generously provided year-round facility space for Breakthrough Houston. Our offices are located on campus at St. John’s School, and our summer program  classes and activities are also held on campus each summer.

Episcopal High School

During the school year, all Saturday morning classes and activities are held at Episcopal High School. Breakthrough Houston benefits from not only facility space but also leadership from these host school institutions.

The Breakthrough Collaborative

Breakthrough Houston is a part of the national Breakthrough Collaborative, which began in 1978 in San Francisco. Breakthrough Houston, founded in 1996, is one of 33 U.S. sites that carry on the Breakthrough traditions and “students teaching students” model.

Houston Independent School District

HISD is a vital partner in our program, as all of our students are recruited from public middle schools within Harris County.  Our liaisons at HISD help to increase the community’s awareness of our free program.

In addition, HISD provides transportation to all of our middle school students during the summer program.