Our Program

What follows are the wholesale mlb jerseys basic components
of the Breakthrough model:

Middle School Excellence (6th-8th grade)

Six-week summer program and School-Year Saturday sessions

  • Purposeful recruitment and are application process for a six-year program, ensuring student and parent commitment.
  • Student taught summer and school year session allows for mentors close to our students and long-lasting relationships
  • Utilize a Student Success Plan (SSP) Birdlife for every student to offer resources based cheap jerseys on student need.
  • Implement cheap mlb jerseys rigorous academic and mentoring components designed to meet specific needs of students to ensure adequate preparation for rigorously academic high school programs.
  • Maintain cheap mlb jerseys consistent, on-going communication with students and Alumni parents about future education plans.
  • Build excellence into cài co-curricular activities (e.g. All School Meetings, Field Trips, Community Service wholesale jerseys Program, and Celebrations).

High School Excellence (9th-12th grades)

  • Provide high school course planning assistance.
  • Provide One academic counseling and mentoring.
  • Help students and families identify and pursue exciting summer opportunities.
  • Continue to build a Breakthrough community.
  • Provide opportunities for individualized college admissions counseling.
  • Offer students and families assistance with financial aid applications.
  • Provide standardized test preparation courses.

Teacher Excellence

  • Build a balanced teaching corps (e.g., gender, high school/college age, alum).
  • Leverage National and local resources.
  • Hire academically rigorous Mentor teachers.
  • Deliver effective teacher training through thoughtful preparation Achievement and execution.

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