Breakthrough Student Sira Ntagha to serve as Head Prefect of St. John’s School

1025640_669442536405875_650924166_oHouston, Texas, June 26, 2013 – A rising Senior at St. John’s School (SJS), Breakthrough (BTH) Houston student Sira Ntagha will direct the Student Affairs Council as Head Prefect during the 2013-2014 school year, serving in the highest level of student leadership at SJS.

Sira entered SJS as a rising ninth grader after attending the BTH summer program for three years. “When I first started at BTH, I did not imagine going to a school like St. John’s,” Sira said. “But BTH had teachers who motivated me to apply, and since the program was held at SJS, I became more comfortable with the school and its facilities.”

Worried about not fitting in and making friends, Sira began her high school career as a quiet, hesitant ninth grader. “I spent many lunch periods alone in the Breakthrough office instead with the other students in the cafeteria,” she said. But by the second semester of her freshman year, Sira had broken out of her shell. “I became a totally different person,” she said. “I made a ton of friends and started telling jokes and just being more comfortable with the people there.”

Sira’s classmates also noticed this transformation. “In our freshman English class, she didn’t really talk very much until second semester,” said SJS senior Stacie Dudley. “Now Sira is a vibrant and powerful leader on campus.”

Sira has become an important member of the SJS community by getting involved in a wide range of activities including managing the girls softball team every spring season, participating in the Model United Nations Club, and serving on the Student Affairs Council—Sira was the Junior Class President last year. Sira has also continued her involvement with Breakthrough Houston, serving as both a school year teacher and a summer teaching assistant.

St. John’s students admire Sira’s open and caring personality and say they are confident of her leadership abilities. “She’ll be an excellent voice for our student body,” said Stacie. “Sira can, and does, talk to anybody and everybody. She sees good in everybody and genuinely likes our student body.”

“I honestly don’t think that anyone could do the job better,” said SJS graduate Haishat Alli. “She’s well respected by faculty and the administration as well as her peers, and she’s a perfect liaison between the administration and the student body.”

Sira said she is excited to serve as Head Prefect next year, and she hopes to implement changes to improve student life at SJS. “I really think I can make changes that would make SJS a better place for the students,” said Sira. Although Sira and other members of SAC do have concrete plans and ideas for next year, Sira is not at liberty to unveil them just yet.

Sira is currently a part of the BTH College Bound program, and she will continue to teach during the school year program. “My Breakthrough teachers never gave up on me—they gave me skills that I still use at St. John’s today,” Sira said. “I want to change my students’ lives just like my teachers changed mine.”