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Instructional Coach

Instructional Coaches (ICs) are experienced and successful professional educators who provide content specific support for Breakthrough teachers throughout the summer and engage fully in the Breakthrough Houston community. ICs dictate the level of academic rigor during Breakthrough’s summer program through their interactions with teaching fellows. Exemplary ICs effectively communicate content specifics to teaching fellows, guide them through effective planning and execution, and hold both teaching fellows and students to the highest expectations. Each IC will have 6 or 7 teachers in his/her department and is expected to help lead department meetings along with the department head (a returning teacher). ICs will visit each teacher’s classroom at least twice a week, evaluate lesson plan revisions and curriculum overviews, and meet individually with teaching fellows regarding their on-going work, all the while giving constant feedback and support to them. Since ICs are the only professional teachers on-site, they are accountable for the quality of instruction Breakthrough students receive and are responsible for supporting Breakthrough teaching fellows through their first or second teaching experience.