We hope you will join us for a lively night of trivia as we support Breakthrough Houston through a friendly competition that asks: Are You Smarter Than a Breakthrough Student? This year’s game and dinner will take place at the Armadillo Palace on Wednesday, October 25th, 2023. For 28 years, educational equality has been the bedrock of Breakthrough Houston’s mission. Breakthrough Houston has been changing lives since 1995, but the need for our programs has never been so critical. 

Your support can make the difference in whether a student at an under-resourced school remains on track for university success and a life of opportunity. Again last spring, 100% of BTH high school seniors were admitted to four-year universities. Education unlocks opportunities and greatly reduces inequalities. It is the key to economic development. Your sponsorship allows us to keep crucial educational support programs available and creates a lasting impact on hundreds of students. 

And what better way to support this effort than to test your knowledge by competing with other teams for two rounds, with the advancing tables challenging a team of Breakthrough students in round three to determine: Are You Smarter Than a Breakthrough Student?

Join us, please, in ensuring these crucial programs remain available and accessible to those who rely on them to ensure long-lasting generational changes. 


Carolyn and Chris Dorros, Erin and Adrian Patterson, Susannah and Chris Watt