College Bound Teaching Fellows

College Bound is hiring 6 Teaching Fellows to teach either the Math or EBRW section of the PSAT to our rising 10th graders. In addition, Teaching Fellows will develop meaningful relationships with students through a morning advisory. Our work day is from 9 AM to 5 PM. On Monday through Thursday, the program is virtual and on Fridays, they take in-person field trips with students in the Houston area.

Our Virtual Program Dates are: June 5 – July 26. The stipend for a College Bound Teaching Fellow is $2,300.

Here’s a tip: When you submit your application, please list “Houston” as your first site and detail your interest in working with the College Bound Program in your short answers!

 “I’ve been a Breakthrough student since sixth-grade, and the experiences I’ve had in this program have been phenomenal. I began as a reserved kid who despised connecting with others, but every summer, I always found myself cheering alongside everyone else and showing Breakthrough spirit. After years of academic preparation, college guidance, and excitement, I’m heading to Brown University in the fall. I know first-hand the impacts that this program has on students, and I wanted to motivate other young people the way that my teachers motivated me throughout the years. Giving back to the program that raised me was honestly the best choice I could have made this summer.”

Dorinda Kyeremateng, BTH College Bound Teaching Fellow ’21