Here at Breakthrough, we’re proud to serve Houston’s underserved student population; we love providing new opportunities for motivated students. For 23 years we’ve honed and grown our program, and now we have what may be our most exciting news yet.

We are happy to announce that Breakthrough Houston (BTH) is expanding to offer new programs in collaboration with fellow education leaders Connect Community and HISD. What this means is that Breakthrough is tripling the size of our program. Beginning Summer 2019, we will host a program at our original site — St. John’s, which serves HISD middle schools — along with programs at KIPP CONNECT (serving Connect Community schools) and Gregory Lincoln Education Center (serving HISD’s Achieve 180 schools). That’s three times the students, three times the teachers, and three times the impact.

This expansion not only allows us to serve more students and train more teaches, it also demonstrates our commitment to providing equitable access to education across Houston. BTH began in 1995 with 20 students and a handful of teachers. In 2019 we’ll serve more than 650 students and train 80+ teachers. We take our commitment to education seriously, and we hope you’ll join us in whatever way you can.

Here are a few ways you can help:

Thanks so much for supporting our mission of success for every student. We look forward to continued growth and future partnerships.