Breakthrough Houston believes in #EducationForAll. Our primary focus is to prepare students for competitive high schools and college – but our support doesn’t end there! Recently we caught up with some of our 2019 graduates to see how they’re enjoying college life and what skills have been most valuable to them as they navigate the university experience. Read their answers below.

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What skills did Breakthrough Houston help you with that are more valuable now that you’re in college?

  • “Early on Breakthrough instilled the importance of gratitude in a person’s connection to the world and overall happiness. At college, showing gratitude to friends who help and professors who care makes the time spent there a lot more enjoyable and sincere.”
    DioMarvellous Nsofor, University of Texas
  • “Over the years Breakthrough taught me to reach out to others, no matter how big or small the problem. As a first-gen college student, I grew up relying mostly on myself. Now that I’m a college student, I’ve learned that I need to reach out to others, like my advisors and counselors, to help me navigate new challenges.”
    Elizabeth Escobar, Texas A&M
  • “Work load. Breakthrough introduced me to the type of workloads I could expect in college so I wouldn’t be shocked when I first started.”
    Isaac Ortega, University of Houston
  • “Breakthrough helped me develop my skills in organization and planning. Both are super necessary now in college.”
    Isabella Polic, University of Houston
  • “Breakthrough gave me hands on experience in a classroom setting and allowed me to work better with other people. It gave me teamwork and communication skills.”
    – Linh Nguyen, Rice University
  • “Breakthrough taught me to be resourceful and never be afraid to reach out to people when help is needed.”
    – Jackie Ferrufino, St. Edwards
  • “Breakthrough taught me to utilize as many tools as possible. They helped me prepare for and succeed in high school, and the same skills helped me prepare for and succeed in college.”
    – Quindi Fernandes, UT Dallas
  • “Breakthrough Houston taught me how to manage my time and stay ahead of my work, instead of stressing and studying at the last minute.”
    – Pamela Garcia, University of Houston

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