Breakthrough Houston is a tight-knit community of scholars, families, and teachers, all coming together to learn and grow. Sure, we could tell you all the great statistics about our program — like how 99% of our Breakthrough graduates gain acceptance to a 4-year college — but the best way to understand why our program has been so successful is to see for yourself.

Watch the quick video below to hear our students, teachers, and parents tell you how Breakthrough Houston sets them up for success. Spoiler alert: It’s all about love and support. 


Like what you see? Here are some ways you can support Breakthrough Houston as we expand our horizons across Houston.

  • Make a donation at
  • Serve as a mentor for a high school student.
  • Host a group of students for Career Day.
  • Provide a homestay for a summer teaching fellow.
  • Chair or sponsor our inaugural fall fundraising event.
  • View and evaluate student summer presentations.
  • Follow our social channels:


Please contact to volunteer or learn more.