Volunteer Opportunities for Current High School and College Students

Volunteer to be a School Year Program Tutor

Are you a high school junior or senior? Are you looking for a way to fulfill volunteer hours? Do you enjoy working with middle school students? If so, this opportunity may be right for you! We are looking for dedicated and motivated high school students to serve as academic tutors for our middle school students. Our current 7th and 8th grade students are in need of tutoring in the following subject areas: math, English language arts, languages (Spanish, French, Latin, etc.), science, social studies. If you would like to receive service hours for a school or a club/organization volunteer requirement, please complete the application linked below. 

Volunteer to be a School Year Program Teacher

In the fall of each school year, we look for talented high school and college students in Houston to teach Project-Based Learning (PBL) Curriculum in STEM and Humanities during our School Year Program. Each teacher will be matched to one of our three sites: Connect Community, HISD, or St. John’s School. As a School Year Program teacher or teaching assistant volunteer, you work with an experienced instructional coach to deliver lessons on specified Saturday mornings.