Behind the Scenes at BTH

By: Jasmine Infante Breakthrough Houston Teaching Fellow, SJS Summer 2021 Breakthrough Houston has revealed to me the “behind the scenes” of a teacher’s life. I am a recent college graduate. I had been in school for 12+ years of my life, I respected my teachers; yet...

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Breakthrough Declassified

By: Marquay Spencer-Gibbs Breakthrough Houston Teaching Fellow at Connect, Summer 2021 I left Durham, NC with the intention of coming back reinvigorated to start my 3rd year as an English Education student at North Carolina Central University. In the few short weeks...

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Spring 2020 Response Update

Thank you for your support of our programs. Last month BTH answered urgent community need by:  Purchasing 50 $100 grocery gift cards for families experiencing food shortages  Arranging professional counseling services for 13 students in need. Collecting 30 tablets so...

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